Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

And most importantly, Happy 4th Birthday to my boy, my love, my Aaron Mo!!!

I cannot get over the fact that he's 4.  It blows my mind.  Literally.  I can remember the day he was born like it happened yesterday.  I went into labor at 7:15 on a Tuesday night.  I was watching E! News (given), and felt a contraction.  Fast-forward five hours and Adam and I, with my mom and sister in tow, were headed to the hospital.  After 18 long hours of labor, and 2 hours of actual pushing, he came out at 2:45 on St. Patrick's day.  That day immediately became the best day of my life.  I remember looking at him for the first time; he was so beautiful.  Round and rosy, with a head full of hair.  I remember thinking to myself, "I knew you were going to be cute, but I had no idea you'd be this beautiful."  He came out screaming and I thanked God for his healthy lungs.  As soon as he came out, he started peeing...everywhere.  Haha.  It still cracks me up to this day when I think about it.  As soon as they wiped him off, and handed him to me he immediately stopped crying.  Like "There you are, mom.  I was looking for you."  The first night in the hospital he kept whimpering; I had fed him, changed him, everything I could think of.  My mom said, "Honey, I think he just wants you."  Sure enough, I put him in the bed cuddled up next to me, and he dozed right off.  Just wanted to be next to mom.

To this day, he's still my love that wants to be cuddled and kissed.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't climb in my lap, or next to me on the couch for a cuddle and a kiss.  At night when I tuck him in, right before I close his door he'll say "Wait!  I love you, mama."  My heart melts.  He is hilarious and so smart.  He makes Adam and I so very proud.  Although he has his days (boy does he have his days), Adam and I are so grateful God trusted us enough with His child.  He is the love of our lives.

A few of our Aaron Mo's favorite things:
  • The color blue.
  • Monster trucks
  • Chocolate.....lots of it and chicken nuggets.
  • Sophie May
  • Paw Patrol, Team Umi Zoomi, and WallyKazam
  • Monsters Inc
  • "Dark Horse"-Katy Perry
  • Dancing (just like his mama)
  • Riding his bike and hitting his tee ball.
  •  His sister, "Harpa"....although he'd never admit it!
  • Brushing his teeth
  • Riding the "show-wheeler" and the "Gata."
And the list goes on.  Here's a video I made of our love.  Enjoy!

Happy 4th Birthday, buddy!!  We love you so much!!