Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday Wellness: Panaway

Hey guys!  I missed last weeks wellness post due to a sick kid, so I'm back at it this week.  This week features Panaway- one of my favorites!

"Mom!  My legs hurt!"  I've heard that from Aaron a few times over the past year.  Of course, this usually happens at night when it's time for bed.  (Insert eyeroll).  But then I quickly realized that his legs actually are "hurting."  Hello, growing pains!  That's where Panaway comes in handy.

Panaway is a lot like Deep Relief (the bomb diggity), but it's stronger and it works faster, in my opinion.  It's an essential oil blend that consists of Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Clove.  It's one of the oils that I didn't open for months when I bought my first starter kit, because I didn't know what in the world I needed to do with it.  But y'all, Panaway is amazing!  It's mostly used as a pain reliever in my house.  I apply it to legs for growing pains, I apply it to my temples and the back of my neck for headache and tension; especially when I need something stronger than Peppermint.  It's especially great for arthritis and back pain.  I actually apply to our little shih tzu daschund mix, Sophie May!  With her long back and stout frame, she feels pain from time to time from running after the kids, playing outside, or going up and down steps at our house.  A rub-down of Panaway on her back, and our little fur angel is ready to go!

I have a few oils that I keep a roller-ball attached to directly: Stress Away because, hello, momma-hood; and Panaway because sometimes you need a little somethin'somethin' to take the pain away.  And fast.

Hello, lover!

Lucky for you, I have a Panaway available!  And, I'm selling it at my cost!  So if you're interested in all this little blue baby can do, comment, shoot me a message, a text, whatevs!  I'll hook you up.  ;)


P.S. My last Wednesday Wellness, I talked about Thieves- THE BEST.  I have ONE of those butt-kicking, bacteria/virus fighting, feel-good in a tiny bottle oils available.  Just ONE!  Lemme know if you want!