Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funday

Before I start my post for today, can we just appreciate how amazing Pippa looks while promoting her new book at a Halloween party yesterday?
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There's my fave Brit rocking an LBD with sparkly green panels.  According to Daily Mail, this dress is designed by Markus Lupfer.  It retails for $249, and although that's way too much for me to pay for a dress, I'm impressed that she's not wearing something that doesn't seem too far-fetched. 

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Above our girl is wearing a tweed Stella McCartney that retails for $1,500.  Lerve.

Is she not gorge?  I love her.  This is my second post about her and as you can see, she's a major girl crush.  I heart her almost as much I heart Harper Beckham.....almost.

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The cheeks, the hair, the headband, the dress, the chubby feet stuffed into those sweet sandals.....God, please give me a baby girl that looks like Harper Beckham!

Annnnnddd, let's add Beck's to that list, too, K?

 Yesterday I ordered the book The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine off Amazon.  I'm now having buyers regret......did I really need this book?  Obviously, I'm buying it for good reasons.  Aaron will eat any kind of fruit I put in front of his face, but as soon as I give him a serving of green beans his nose turns up immediately. 

Milk is also an issue.  He'll drink chocolate milk any hour of the day.....regular milk not so much.  I recently switched to Almond Milk because:
a) It's better for you (I think).
b) It has a sweeter taste than regular milk, and I thought that that might help with the milk consumption

So far, it's not working.  I've told him he'll grow "big and strong" if he drinks his milk and he gives me the "mom, you're crazy" face.  If I tell him, "you'll be able to run fast and jump high if you drink your milk" he takes one big sip, looks at me, grins, and says "Mommy, I want duice."  Grrrr.....

Luckily, he loves yogurt so I'm giving him plenty of that.  Plus, he's a big cheese fan (shocker) and eats cheese every day.  I'm just hoping this book will help not only balance him out, but balance all of us out.  I'll admit that I don't eat enough veggies, and Aaron definitely eats more fruit than I do.  We'll see.  I'll let y'all know how the recipes turn out.  Any tips would be appreciated!

Enjoy your Friday!