Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I should have blogged yesterday, but I just couldn't get myself together, let alone form a continuous thought.  The cold air had my brain in a fog and all I wanted to do was nap all day and catch up on my daytime programming.

Anywho, today's a new day and it's time to get back at it.  Let's talk Dead:
  • I think The Governor is good looking.  I know that comes as such a huge surprise to anyone that knows me. (wink!)
  • I also think The Governor is slightly psychotic, but you know, everyone's a little off their rocker in Zombie Land.
  • Andrea's totally going to hit it.  And when I say hit it, I mean "The Gov-nah."  First, Shane.  Now him?  Go guuuurrl.
  • Michonne is Lauryn Hill's doppelganger.
  • While they were enjoying the sidewalk shopping "Woodbury" had to offer, they should have swung by Redneck Gourmet for fries and a BFGLT sammich!
  • Merle cracks me up.  I don't know why they weren't happier to see him- there is no other crazy redneck I would want on my side during a zombie apocalypse than Merle Dixon.
  • I found the head tank slightly confusing.
 First boring episode of the season!  Hopefully next week will be better.

I got blonde highlights this weekend and I love it.  I need to take a picture.  I'm now wishing I had just dyed my whole head blonde.  I know it's weird to dye your hair a lighter shade in the Fall, but I wanted a change and my normal go-to change (bangs) was not happening. 

I took Aaron to "Trunk or Treat" at the First Methodist Church in Griffin Sunday.  Here's a pic of my little Batman:

Aaron had a blast.  Of course, he was not interested in "trunk or treating" at all.  The church had a bouncy house and a HUGE bouncy slide blown up for the kiddos to play in.  Guess where Aaron was the whole time?  Either playing in the bouncy house with the 10 year old kids being bounced in the air like a monkey (freaking me out), or climbing up the not so sturdy steps on the bouncy slide and flying down this huge slide at super baby speed.  Freaks.me.out.  And the independent attitude has begun at 2 1/2.  "Mommy, Aaron Mo do it myself.  I do it myself!"  He must have said that to me no less than 8 times Sunday.  I think he was embarrassed because the first time he slid down the big slide, I climbed the slide with him and proceeded to accidentally flash my crack at every child below me (damn jeggings!).  From that moment, Mr. Independent took over.  I felt so bad for the kids climbing the slide behind Aaron.  They would yell out, "Man, we're behind that baby!  He's slow!"  Aaron, in no hurry at all to climb each slippery step, turned around and said "I not baby- I big boy!"  Oh my goodness.  Where did this talking little adult come from?  Needless to say, we left the big Halloween bash carrying Aaron away in major meltdown mode.  "I wanna side down the swide!" in crying 2 year old speech.  Jesus.  What have I gotten myself into?