Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catching up

Okay, fess up.  Who watched Nashville last night?  Was it not great?  New fave.  As if I don't have several other shows that I'm obsessed with, let's just add this one to the list.  Love that it's filmed in Nashville (which btw is gorge) and love the country music.  Connie Britton is so attractive, right?  She's 45, y'all.  If I look that good at 45 I can die a happy woman.  Hayden Panettiere plays a good mean girl and she, of course, is adorable.  My only complaint?  Besides Connie Britton, the fake southern accents are annoying.  Especially the blonde that works at The Bluebird Cafe and calls Joshua Jackson (AKA Lucky) her boyfriend; her accent is the worst.  Like Anna Paquin's "Sookie Stackhouse" awful.  Writer and Producers: if you're going to film a southern TV series/movie about southern people, get actual southern people for the job.  It's almost offensive how bad they make us sound.

So we didn't end up going to the beach this week.  :(  Sad, sad face.  Turns out, the owner of the condo we were supposed to stay in, was trying to tack on $250 in fees (100- pet fee/150- clean-up fee) for only 3 nights.  Um, no.  Ridiculous.  And stupid.  This guy could have made some quick cash this week considering that we just decided to book a condo this past Sunday; if the condo was not already booked by that point I'm sure it was not going to get booked.  Uhhh.....some people are annoying.  That's my rant for the day..

Beach trip nevertheless, I truly have enjoyed this week with it's beautiful weather and fall breeze.  We took Aaron to the Griffin Fair Tuesday night and he had a blast, wanting to ride every ride that he could (just like his Mama).  I didn't take a lot of pics, but the ones that I did take were adorbs.  Check my Instagram.

Yesterday, Aaron, my mom, my sister, and I went shopping in Senoia at the Senoia Historic District.  I.Love.This.Place.  I want to move to this town....for reals.  We shopped at the Pink Door boutique (super cute clothes and amazing prices), and Table Talk (I accidentally broke a candelabra.....oops), and ate lunch at Redneck Gourmet.  Another huge reason to move here: The Walking Dead is filmed here.  And of course, I'm obsessed with that show as well.  New season premieres this Sunday.  What could be more awesome than casually running into a zombie as you head out to dine at Zac Brown's new restaurant, Southern Ground Social Club?

That's it.  I've mustered all my creativity today.  A good portion of that creativity was focused on styling the perfect flip-out for my hair today, and while my left side looks Posh, my right side looks more like Nick Nolte's mug shot.