Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hump Day

Hey peeps!

I'm blogging from my phone as my laptop is not connecting to the 'net, and since I am computer illiterate, I'm waiting to let the hubs handle it. Therefore, if this post is a mess, please disregard.

This week has been nice, if not slightly boring with the exception of plenty of playground time. Aaron and I drove to the old Macon Mall this morning for a play date, and I have to say I miss the old mall vibe. You know, the two-levels crowded with Express, Abercrombie, The Limited, Spencer's, B&BW, the standard old music store, and the smell of the food court below. Maybe it's the 90's girl in me? I mean, I love a nice outside mall too, of course, but I'm old school and that's never gonna change.

Anywho, they had a whole kids section with coin operated rides ($.75/ride- expensive!) and with the rides that I could afford, Aaron had a blast. Will definitely be hitting that joint up again!

Other than that exciting trip, the highlight of my day is the major Loft online sale going on RIGHT NOW. Spent $100 and got two awesome pairs of jeans....what what! I know that that's expensive, but good quality jeans are hard to find and these make the cut.

Enjoy your afternoon!