Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend has totally flown by.  Today I have done nothing.  Well, me and my boys went and indulged in Mexican for lunch and I grocery shopped, but other than that- nothing.  It's been fabulous.

Yesterday was busy.  Last night, me and three of my girlfriends hosted a couples shower for my friend, Jessica, who's getting married in December.  We also have her Bachelorette party in "The A" next weekend which I'm insanely excited about considering I haven't experienced a GNO on the town in quite awhile.  I am positive it will involve: lots of Spanx, a penis necklace and a crown, a dance-off of some sort, some drunk tears, and possibly some vomitage.

Anyway, the shower went off without a hitch.  The food was delish, the guests seemed entertained, and most importantly, the Bride and Groom were happy.  The only thing that was terribly embarrassing (of course, on my part) was when I mistakenly asked a guest if they were going to the Bachelorette party, and she had no clue what I was talking about.  Hello?  Social radar!  I felt I drank.

Here are some pics:

The hostesses w/ the Bride: L-R: Laura, Me, Jessica (The lovely Bride), Kristen, & Nicole
BTW, every time I say "Bride" do you think of "Franck" in FOTB?  I do.

Here are a few other pics of the evening.  One thing I learned after looking at the pictures: only tall and thin girls need to wear a dress that hangs straight down that while absolutely adorable (shop my friends boutique Ella Bleu- the clothes are amazing!) made me look like a chunky midget.  Here's proof:

Exhibit A: Me with Eric and Jessica.  Love the top of the dress.

Exhibit B: Me w/ both Jessica's (aren't they lovely?).  Should've worn heels instead of cowboy boots.  I look like a hobbit.

Exhibit C: Uhhh....not good.  Especially standing next to these hotties.
 Moral of this story: I need waist definition in dresses.  Taking note.  Moving on.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend!  If you get a chance, send my father-in-law, David, a positive thought.  He is an avid Dawgs fan, goes to every game, and is at every tailgate cooking up some yummy food for every body, every weekend.  Yesterday, while cooking up a low-country boil at the tailgate, accidentally walked in flip-flops through boiling water (that someone had poured out without him knowing) and got badly burned on his feet.  So bad in fact, that Athens ER rushed him via ambulance to the Augusta Burn Unit where he had surgery today.  :(  Positive thoughts/prayers appreciated!

Enjoy your evening!