Monday, November 19, 2012

I need another cup of coffee

It's Monday, y'all.  Blah.  Luckily, it's Thanksgiving week so it's a short week- whoop!

Yesterday, Adam and I scored some free last-minute tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons play and other than the two-mile walk to/from our car, we had a blast.  My awesome in-laws kept Aaron Mo all day so we could go, and it was some much-needed time away.  I am no football fan, nor have I ever claimed to be.  However, yesterday I was standing up screaming, jumping up and down, and high-fiving all the other fans around me like I was Falcons Fan Numero Uno.  It probably helped that I had three Bud Lights and a serious buzz.  I also didn't mind the fact that during breaks in the game they broke out some old school Luda, because hello?!  What's better than hearing "Move B--ch" after a touchdown?  Classic.  We ended the game by getting a funnel cake with powdered sugar AND chocolate syrup on top, which I'm positive blew my calories for the week.  It was absolutely worth it.

I think we all know what today is.  Walking Dead recap time.  Here goes:
  • The person on the phone was really Rick's imagination.  No big surprise there.  I kinda figured in the end it would be "Lori" snapping Rick out of his funk and telling him to get his act together.  I think it's safe to say he's back....thoughts?
  • I am officially a Michonne fan.....even though she's crazy.  As Hell.  She saved that box of formula (we all know how expensive that junk is!), and pretended to be a walker with zombie guts splashed all over her.  Impressive.
  • Can I just say that as long as you don't piss Merle off he's your greatest ally?  When are these people gonna learn??
  • The Gov'nah and Andrea got it on.  Shocker.  Single lady in a Zombie Apocalypse- what what!  
  • Carol is not dead and Daryl saved her.  Again....shocker.  Are we seeing a parallel (yeah, I just said that) between the Lori/Carl mother/son relationship with Carol/Daryl?  I think Daryl thinks of Carol as a mother figure, especially with him telling Carl the story of his mother's death.  And again let's just put it out there: Daryl's hot.  End of story.
It's going to be interesting to see the Michonne/Rick dynamic.  Also, when Andrea was getting her booty call, and they heard that knock at the door, did y'all SO think that was The Governor's walker daughter?  Would that not have been hilarious??

Enjoy your Monday, folks!