Monday, November 12, 2012

"Want a sugar cube?"

Oh my goodness.  So much has happened over the past 48 hours that this blog entry might have to be divided into two.  Wow....where do I start?  From the beginning, folks:

Saturday afternoon me and my Macon girls headed to Atlanta to start the bachelorette festivities for our bride, Jessica. Upon arrival at Atlanta Marriott Midtown (and before the glamming up began) we settled in the lobby to wait for the the rest of the party and have a glass of wine.  While people-watching, we noticed that two big, good-looking, bald men in black sweats walked in together (AKA Bodyguards).  My other friend, Jessica, looked at me and said "what's going on?"  And that's when the first sighting happened.  Sam Claflin.  You may have heard of him.  He's playing Finnick Odair in CATCHING FIRE.....the second installment of THE HUNGER GAMES!  Oh My Jesus.  Here's a Google image:

Before I continue, let me give you some background: I've known exactly who this guy is from the minute they announced the Catching Fire casting.  If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games.  Well, I'm probably more obsessed with Josh Hutcherson (lovingly known as Peeta), but you can read more about that here.  Anyway, Mr. Claflin is not very well-known, but rest assured, after Catching Fire he will be.  He was also in Snow White and the Huntsman with KStew and her mustache lover and director, Mr. Rupert Sanders.

So while sitting in the lobby, drinking some Pinot Noir, and getting ready to get crunk (yep- I said it) in walks Mr. Claflin.  Looking hot as hell.  Running his fingers through his hair, wearing a scarf, and looking all like a deer in the headlights because he had been caught by the biggest celebrity stalker of all (yours truly).  I was in such shock because here we were, out in Atlanta, me being JHutch/Hunger Games obsessed, and a Catching Fire star walks into the hotel we're staying at.  Craziness. He walked past us and my mouth fell open.  All I could say was, "There's Finnick Odair.  That's Finnick Odair.  Oh my God, that's Finnick Odair."  My sweet friend, Brooke, taking one for the team, walked up to one of the bodyguard's that had lingered behind, and asked him if that was "Finnick Odair." The bodyguard laughed, smiled, and winked at Brooke while nodding his head.  By that point I had recovered and was able to tell Brooke his name was actually Sam Clafllin.  Hilarious. 

An hour or so later, after being advised by my oh-so-smart friend, Kristen, that if a celebrity(s) is in a hotel with a bar, they will indeed be hanging out at that bar, we headed to the bar.  (FYI, I just said bar 3 times.)  At this point we were dressed and ready for the evening festivities.  Got to the bar, sat down, ordered a beer, and I'm not even kidding, within fifteen minutes of arrival Brooke nudged me and said "Is that him?"  Sure enough, I looked out into the lobby and there HE was.  Mr. Sam Claflin AKA Finnick.  Holy Moly!  Brooke, taking another one for the team, (she's so fabulous), walked right up to him, and asked him if he would come over and meet us.  (BTW, how adorable is this?  Brooke said to him "I bet you get this all the time.  And he said, no, I really don't."  Agh!  Love him!).  Anyway, I was trying to keep my composure and remain cool (which I am so not) when I could see him making his way over through the bar mirror.  OMG!!!!  Basically, this is how our conversation went from what I remember:

Me:  Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finnick:  Hey, hello, hello. (In an adorable English accent)
Me:   How are youuuuuuuu???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finnick:  Great, thank you.  How are you?  Are you the one getting married?
Me:  (Busting out laughing)  No!  I'm already taken!  (More laughter).  (Then I proceed to wave my left hand in the air like Beyonce does in her "Single Ladies" video.  Not good.)
Finnick:  Oh okay.  (Great smile).
Me:  So, are you still filming Catching Fire?
Finnick:  Yeah.....
Me:  And you'll be going to Hawaii soon to film, right??
Finnick:  Yeah.....(getting real nervous because he has just realized he's in the midst of a stalker)
Me:  Awesome!  (How annoying am I?)  Well, I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games and I am so excited for Catching Fire.
Finnick:  Great!  (Another great smile.)
Brooke:  Would you mind if I took your picture with Hayley?
Me:  Before Finnick could answer, "yes, that's a great idea!!!!!!!!!"
Finnick:  Not answering because I have just wrapped my arm around him and am holding on for dear life.  He's scared to death.
Me: After picture, " smell good.  What do you have on?"
Finnick:  Oh, I'm not sure, just bits of everything.  (Great smile- eeeekkkkk!!)
Me:  Oh okay.  Well, congratulations on the movie!  You probably need to run, right?
Finnick:  Yeah, I kinda need to go.  Nice to meet...

And then he was surrounded again.  By my friends.  And me.  Another picture taken (well more like 4 pics taken as everyone was throwing their Iphones at a nice bar patron that offered to take the pictures).  Here's proof people:

Yay!!  How adorable are his dimples?  And hair??  Can we say Finnick OYeah??!
For those of you that have asked me (or are wondering), no, he does not have on a cape. (lol!)  He has on a red sweatshirt that he had tied at the top.  Why?  I don't know.  He's from England.  And you know what, he's hot.  If he wanted to wear a cape, he could wear a damn cape.  Ya feel me?

Did I mention he smelled delicious??!!

Here he is with the bar gang.  We're not excited or anything.

My face is about to crack from happiness.
So that's that.  We met him.  It was fabulous.  I'm still grinning.

However, none of this would have been possible without our bride.  My sweet, precious, wonderful friend, Jessica.  Jessica, is one of the best people I have ever known.  You know how you meet people in life and you connect immediately?  That's what it was like when I met Jessica.  She is the yin to my yang and I love her to pieces.  She is such a beautiful person, both inside and out, and deserves all the love and happiness in the world.  Cheers to you, my friend!!  The big day's almost here!!!