Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

Something interesting happened to me today at work. It’s pretty darn hilarious, as a matter of fact. Let me preface this by saying, sometimes when washing clothes, underwear, etc. I throw items in the dryer without going through and separating them like I should (this is mainly when I’m feeling lazy). So, as I was washing and drying clothes Sunday I took a big load and plopped them into the dryer without giving it a second look. Cut to as I am folding clothes last night I see that I threw my favorite bra into the dryer, instead of letting it air dry like I normally do. Anyway, so I go to work this morning (wearing my favorite bra) and am going about my business, when SPLIT! My bra broke. Seriously, the bra is broken. The girls came out for a visit. No, I don’t wear those bras that fasten in the front (I can’t stand them!). The brassiere is broken. I had to leave work and go back home- thank God I live a little over five minutes away! Normally, the bra breaking apart would lead me to having a slight depression about putting on the LB’s, but I know that can’t be it. I have been strictly sticking to Weight Watchers (I mean, it’s so strict that I went to Olive Garden for lunch yesterday and ordered the soup, salad, and bread sticks as my entree-no seafood alfredo for me!). I am blaming the wardrobe malfunction on my dryer. Let’s just say it shrank……it better have anyway.

So, my Memorial Day holiday was amazingly great. I spent the afternoon with my mom and got to see two of my favorite people in the world, Elizabeth and Michelle. I had not seen Michelle in years, and I just have to say that you know a friendship is a true friendship when you can see someone for the first time in forever, and it feels like you just talked to them the day before. Elizabeth, I am going to miss you while you’re in Europe living it up. Have fun and drink plenty of wine for me. Love you both!

I have a short week this week- yay! Then, it’s off to Biloxi a week from today- woohoo!!! So ready for a vacation. Hope everyone had a great (and long) weekend!