Saturday, May 16, 2009


You know your husband is still crazy about you if he names a video game "sorceress" after you. Hehe. I'm not making this up, I swear. Adam would actually kill me if he knew I was on here blogging about this. He even said, "Baby, if you get on that blog thing and talk about this, I swear I'm gonna be so mad. I mean, I will rename the sorceress and everything." Haha! How could I keep this to myself, friends? Honestly, I don't think I was supposed to find out about this cute little tidbit. I was walking out the door to go to Smoothie King (as a side note, the "skinny" Pineapple Pleasure is the is the Banana Berry), and popped in the computer room to give Adam a smooch, and there I was in all my "sorceress" glory. Black leather, corset, thigh high boots, and boobies galore. They can really slut up some video game characters. He didn't mean for me to see my alter ego and got super embarrassed. Too freakin' cute. I love my sometimes geeky, but super hot hubby.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! It's rainy down here in Macon, but I don't really care. I kind've love it. I have been so, completely lazy today. Adam and I went out for Mexican last night with friends, I drank a margarita, came home, and was passed out asleep by 9 pm. I slept until 7 am this morning, got up, and snuggled on the couch with a cup of coffee, Sophie May, and Marley and Me (the movie). Good God, I will never watch that movie again. I haven't cried that hard since Romeo and Juliet (the Leo years). I was literally sobbing, holding Sophie, sobbing, hugging Adam, sobbing. Ridiculous. Never again.

Off to hang out with the in-laws. Fun times!