Thursday, April 23, 2009

Louis, Chanel, Coach- OH MY!

Happy Thursday, everyone! One more day until the weekend.........hell yes. These past two days have been extremely busy for me. Mostly, just getting everything ready for my Purse Party tonight- woohooo! I am so excited about some knock-off designer handbags, sunglasses, clutches, etc. it's insane! I'm hoping to have a good turn-out. We'll see. I am providing food, and most importantly, WINE to all of the guests so I think I'll have a few people. ;) My sweet mother (who's making the trip down to Macon tonight) called a couple of days ago to tell me she had a few surprises for me when she comes down (i.e. CLOTHES!!). Yay!! I asked her what I did to deserve that, and she said "just because." Awwwww. She is seriously, like, the greatest. Thanks mama!

Hope everyone has a good night! A new Greys comes on tonight, and I couldn't be more pumped!

Final thought: I think Matt Giraud is HAWT. Even with that weird mole. Maybe he should get that removed. I am seriously crushing. Lerve it!