Friday, April 17, 2009

I need a pool, a bikini, & a margarita……

Oh my God, this day is gorgeous. It’s just one of those days where all I want to do is sit outside with my face in the sun. I am seriously considering a teaching career just so I can have the summers off, and a fantastic tan by the end of June. We’ll see…….

I have been S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G today. Last night, me and my two girlfriends (Hi Kik’s & Lray!) went to a mutual friends grandfather’s visitation and then went to Bonefish for dinner and drinks after wards. So much fun! I had the Bang Bang Shrimp (if you haven’t had these you are missing out- find a Bonefish and go NOW!) and a martini…..and two glasses of wine. Whoa. Slight hangover today. The girls went out after wards, I went home and straight to bed. I seriously can’t hang anymore. Sometimes I feel really bad about it. These days, my idea of a great time with friends is cooking out, playing games, and drinking in the comfort of my own home. I'm so over the bar scene that it's pathetic. I mean, is there something wrong with me? Now I'll be the first to admit, back in my early twenties I LOVED going out to the bar. I was single and wanting to make out with a hottie. Now, I just want to go home and make out with my husband on the couch while watching The Office. Whatev.

Fixing to hop in the shower. My friend Brooke's birthday is Sunday (Happy Birthday, Brookie!) and we are celebrating over sushi and wine. Yum. Hope everyone enjoys the sun and warm weather this weekend........I know I will be!