Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rise and Shine

Good morning! I am in such a bright and chipper mood today. This is crazy considering the fact that I should be experiencing a massive hangover about right now. Pink Panty Pull-downs continue to kick my ass. Maybe the 3 Ibuprofen, bottle of water, & left-over Krystal burger at 1 AM helped mask the heinous hangover that would happen today. I don't know, but I feel great. Ashley and I are meeting up for lunch, and an afternoon of shopping at Macon's new outdoor mall. If you're in the mood for a yummy Presidente marg from Chilli's, and a little shopping, come on down!

So, yesterday was an insanely busy day. I got the hair did, then went home for lunch with my mom and aunt. Later on that afternoon, me and some girlfriends went to a mutual friend's book signing (refer to this post) and we had a great time. I got to see some old friends who I had not seen in years. It's always nice to reconnect......still can't believe that our 10 year High School Reunion is next year! Crazy how time flies.........Anyhow, after a day in G-town I headed back home for a little birthday action for my friend, Laura. The hubby and I had a fantastic fantastic that he's still in the bed and it's 10:10 AM. Whatev. All in all- great weekend.

BTW, have any of you been watching all of the New Moon movie coverage on Entertainment Tonight??? You know that I've been ALL over that shit. I am seriously feeling the L-O-V-E today, and Rpatz has A LOT to do with it. How much are tickets to TwiCon??? ;) Lerve it.
Happy Sunday to you! Muah!