Sunday, January 6, 2013

Using our Gifts

This morning Aaron and I went to Griffin's First Methodist Church with my parents.  I love this church, and I especially love the preacher, Mr. Kevin Lobello.  He is a true definition of what a Godly man is.  I will never forget the love and kindness he showed to Adam and I last year as we were going through an especially difficult time in our lives.  Whenever we're in town on a Sunday, we always try to attend church.  He is really the only preacher that's spoken to my heart in a long time. 

Today's message was about our "gifts" and how we use them.  Basically, Kevin asked the question that "Are we using the gifts that God gave us or are we not?"  He went on to say that God "doesn't just give us gifts just to give them; He gives gifts for a greater purpose as a Disciple of Jesus."  Of course, in the scheme of things I know this.  But in a way, I really don't.  Honestly, I have never really sat down and asked myself if I was using the gifts that God gave me the way I'm supposed to.  Some days I don't know what my gifts are.  I mean, I love to write- always have; I guess I could consider that one of His gifts.  I feel that Aaron is one of His biggest gifts to me; He gave Aaron to me.  He allowed me to be Aaron's mother.  My job as Aaron's mother is to love him, respect him, keep him safe, lead him in the right direction so that he may find his gifts from God.  Yes, Aaron is definitely my greatest gift- that I know for sure. 

Kevin also touched on the fact that a thankful heart is a happy heart.  To always be thankful for everything in your life; to thank God every day.  That if you are so thankful your life will always be filled with grace.  This really hit home.  I mean, for the most part I feel very thankful.  Heck, I've even blogged about it before!  But there are days (and I'm sure more to come) where I wake up and I don't feel thankful.  I'm mad because we can't sell our house, someone has pissed me off (most likely on Facebook), I want a new car, I want another healthy baby.  Those days suck.  What I need to try to remember is: God gave us a roof over our head; that no one can make me upset unless I let them- I am in control of my day; that my little Toyota gets me where I need to go and keeps me and my baby safe; and bottom line, God will give me another child in His time- not mine.

So, to add to my New Years Resolution list  I'd like to say that from this point on, I resolve to be thankful about everything in my life.  Even if it's a great cup of coffee, I'm going to be thankful for it.  A thankful heart is a happy heart.  That keeps on echoing through my head.  And I'm going to come back to this blog entry and read when I'm in my "not-so-thankful" moods.  Because in the end, God has blessed me abundantly; it is because of His love and grace that I have all the blessings that I do.