Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I was going to post yesterday, but I was experiencing the hangover of the century.  Like, I could barely move my body hurt so much.  One margarita led to three, and after having 2 glasses of champagne at our friends house I was DONE.


Not long after the above picture was taken was I passed out on their couch.  I'm talking within the hour.  Geez...

All in all, we had an awesome time.  It was a perfect, laid-back evening.  Since we knew we were spending the night, we brought breakfast for the next morning.  I made these Bacon-Cheese Pull Aparts (recipe from Pinterest) and they were divine.  Cheers to 2013!

I have been meaning to update on Christmas; specifically, update on my Clarisonic Mia 2.  Obsesssssssssed!  I posted last November about wanting one because my skin has gotten seriously OOC.  Well, Santa granted my wish and it's as fabulous as I thought it would be!  First of all, I love using it.  I've never been one to love washing my face.  In fact, I'm downright lazy about it.  Usually while giving Aaron his bath at night, I would wipe my face with a makeup remover cloth, apply toner, and dab on my eye cream and moisturizer.  Nothing special. 

My, my, how things have changed....

This thing is awesome.  After charging for 24 hours before use it was ready to go.  Along with your Mia, you get some Clarisonic Cleansing Gel.  After wetting your face and the brush, you apply the gel to the bristles, press the power button, and let it go.  The brush stays on for a minute (20 seconds on forehead/20 seconds on nose/chin area/10 seconds on each cheek).  The Mia is already set for you to follow this standard.  Afterwards, your skin feels amazing.  Like, just had a facial- amazing.  My only concern was if it was harmful to use it once in the morning and at night, but according to the FAQ's on their website it's A-Okay to use it twice a day.  Again, I love it.  I even talked to the fabulous woman who does my facials, Angelique (here's her FB page if interested), to get her opinion and she thinks it's great as well.  Score!  She did inform me that with all of the exfoliating (i.e. deep cleansing) this brush does, it will bring up all of the impurities in your skin; bottom line, I shouldn't be shocked and demand my money back when a zit or blackhead pops up.  Just means it's doing its job!  So, if you're interested in this wonderful little gadget, and hesitant about the cost, it's worth every pretty penny.  I promise!!

Okay, gotta go cook dinner.  One last thought; I purchased Divergent on my Kindle today because I wanted to read something like The Hunger Games (and frankly, I'm still madly in love with JHutch/Peeta and I simply cannot get over him).  Has anybody else read this series?  Thoughts??