Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Things Friday Part Deux

I love Friday's.  Don't we all?  Today, although overcast, has felt (in the words of Penny on Happy Endings) "ahmazing."  Aaron's in shorts and a t-shirt; I'm in cropped jeans, a tee, and flats.  Love it. 

In addition to having coffee this morning with one of my nearest and dearest, I got to hit up "Tarjay" during Aaron's naptime for a few essentials....and a few nonessentials.  Check out my new flats:

Thirteen bucks, baby.  I know they're nothing special; however, the only flats I have right now are hot pink and can be a bit too much when paired with yellow skinny jeans. 

I also came home to two packages in the mail: my leggings order from F21 and my January Birchbox- whoop!

Cute puppy girl not included

I ordered 4 different pairs of leggings Sunday, because I'm over jeans.  I wear them every day.  As much as I love them, some days I just want to throw a cute tunic over some leggings, put on some flats, and be done with it.  I got a gray pair, navy pair, a black, ribbed pair, and an Aztec patterned pair.  Nothing special- they were all on sale so I paid 20 bucks tops on them, and got some free press-on nails with it (just a tad trashy). 

Birchbox included some face/hand cream, eye "gellies" (excited about trying these), perfume, eye primer, and some hair stuff.  Not my fave BB, but nevertheless, they're always nice to find in your mailbox.  The $10/month is totally worth it in my eyes!

Before I forget, I have to tell y'all about my new favorite thing: Caress Sheer Twilight body wash. 

(image via)

Y'all, this junk smells amazing.  Like Bath and Body Works delicious.  Plus, the most you'll pay is $5.  I'm wondering if this is what Bella must smell like to Edward.  So far, Mr. Sparkles hasn't shown up and impregnated me with his half human/half vampire babe, but I'll be sure to keep y'all posted. ;) 

I forgot to mention this yesterday: People's Choice Awards.  Did you watch it Wednesday night?  You know I did.  I only watched to catch a glimpse of my younger lovah', JHutch.  Of course, I got tired of watching it, turned it off at 10:45, and lo and behold, he made an appearance in the last fifteen minutes with JLaw and Liam. 

Look at my little nugget.  I could just put him in my pocket and carry him around. 
They kinda make a cute couple.  Heffa. (image via)

And one last thing before we depart for the evening: Beyonce's GQ interview.  Thoughts?  Celebitchy covered this today.  Can we say egomaniac?  Someone's been hanging around Kanye too much.  Seriously, who does this woman think she is?  Yes, she's beautiful, and enormously talented.  Yes, her concert is the best concert I've ever been to.  But you know what, there are millions of people in the world doing their thing and rocking it, and we don't hear them saying, "I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand."  Girl, get off your high horse and take that blonde weave out of your hair.  When it comes down to it you're a person just like every one else.

And that's my two cents.

Off to love on my most favorite person in the world!