Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something new and blue!

A few months ago my mom told me about these cool necklaces that double as teething rings.  I made a mental note to check into this genius invention when the time arrived.  Friends, the time has arrived.  Aaron will gnaw on anything he can get his hands and mouth on including, but not limited to: mine and Adam's fingers (as a side note: we now keep sanitizer everywhere in our house), all of his toys, including the toys attached to his Exersaucer and walker (he just leans over and chews- haha!), my phone, the remote control, and even at one point Sophie May's ear.  I'm not kidding.  I decided to visit Smart Mom Jewelry last week to pick out my necklace .  Cute online store!  My necklace came in yesterday, and here's a pic:

It's super cute, right?!  And, it's called Teething Bling.  Love!  The pendants are made from a food-safe, federally-approved silicone, and they're not only stylish, but resourceful.  The website also offered patterned donut shaped pendants, bangles, and onesies. 

Can't wait to wear it!