Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Mean Lady

Happy Saturday, friends, or should I say, Happy Football day!  We are literally about to hit the ground running; we have friends coming over around noon for the Georgia game, and we have brats to get on the grill, baked beans to be cooked, and pasta salad to be made.  Carbs aren't banned over here!  Which leads me to ask, what's your favorite game-day drink?  I am typically a wine drinker, but on a sunny Saturday afternoon a glass of Cab doesn't sound appealing.  Is there a yummy cocktail you would recommend?  Nothing heavy; just light and fun.  Gimme' some feedback people! :)

I meant to post yesterday, but spent most of the day running errands, laundry, cooking, the list goes on.  Went by Kroger armed with at least 20 coupons, and saved $35 bucks- woohoo!  I know that's probably not a lot compared to the coupon masters out there, but I'm getting there.  So, I get in the checkout lane, and me and the bag boy start stacking my groceries on the conveyor belt.  Y'all, I had a lot of groceries.  We normally only buy groceries twice a month, so when I go it's serious.  Anyway, as I'm waiting for the cashier to finish scanning all of my coupons, I hear this older lady in the same lane huffing and puffing.  She's telling people in the next lane over that "all she has is this one loaf of bread, and this girl in front of me has all these groceries and she should have let me go first."  She is seriously going on and on.  Look, had I seen this older lady with her one loaf of bread before I started loading all of my groceries on the belt, I would have gladly let her go before me.  However, I did not, and it was too late to turn back now.  So, I generously offered to buy her loaf of bread so she could get it and go.  She refused, and I offered again since I now felt bad; she refused again and said she had her own money.  You would think at that point she would have stopped complaining, as I was now paying for my food, but she kept on complaining to anyone that would listen to her!  Listen, I respect my elders, and if they need help I gladly offer my hand, but sometimes I think they use their age as a reason to be rude.  There was a self check-out lane 2 rows over; those lanes are made for people that just have a few purchases!  All I can do is roll my eyes, and in the future plan on keeping my eyes open for old women with loaves of Captain Derst's bread.