Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion- My take

 My love for reality television has always been very obvious through my blog posts.  It really grew to new heights when I discovered Bravo, and all of the reality TV goodness that it offered.  (I discuss the love here.)  Being such a big fan to Bravo, I, of course, have grown to love my housewives; the Real Housewives that is.  I am not a big fan of Atlanta (shocker, I know), but cannot get enough of New York, and currently, New Jersey.  Last night was Jersey's big reunion show, and since my bedtime is 10 pm these days, the DVR was set up and ready for all of the name-calling, hair-yanking, and screaming that was sure to ensue............and ensue it did. 

Let me just say, I am not a fan of Danielle by any means. She acts like a victim, but is constantly threatening everyone else through her "thug" friend Danny, and I find the fact that she literally uses the plural form of woman as "woman," horrible; these are just a couple of annoyances to top off the list.  However, after watching the first part of this reunion show this morning, I honestly feel a little bad for her.  Within the first five minutes of the show she was verbally attacked by Teresa, and at this point we were only 3 minutes in.  Granted, Danielle acts terrible and does awful things, but what happened to showing a little class and respect for other people?  (Teresa, I'm looking at you. "Just stay on the couch!")  Jacqueline, on the other hand, attacked Danielle throughout the show by throwing out little jabs here and there.  Is it just me folks, or do you feel that the only reason Jacqueline even says anything against Danielle is to show-off in front of Teresa?  I like Jacqueline, but what happened to standing your own ground?  You were the one housewife that had a friendship with Danielle at one point, why continue to kick a woman while she's down?  I have been a big supporter of Teresa throughout this season, but after watching last night's episode my fondness of her has dwindled, just a little.  There was no class whatsoever; we all know Danielle is a crazy loon, but getting in her face, screaming profanities, chasing, and throwing pillows, all because Danielle threw a little jab your way.  Grow up.  What happened to the art of saying your peace, and ignoring what someone else has to say?  The only person that showed any class during the reunion show was Caroline.  The rest of them need to take notes.

With all of this being said, I cannot wait until next week!

What was your take?