Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why I love Ebay.......

In the past four months I have become an Ebay fanatic.  I know Ebay has been around for years and years now, but (I'm really embarrassed to admit) I've always been one to buy my purchase at the retail price.  Eeekkkk........Anyhow, I have officially gotten wiser with age (and poorer with now being a stay-at-home mom) and retail is no longer an option.  I'm learning to coupon effectively, snatch up a bargain, and SHOP EBAY-woot woot!  Friends, I cannot tell you the many steals I have acquired from this online market.  Cowboy Boots for twenty beans, an Ipod Nano for Adam for Father's Day for fifty buckaroos, a White House Black Market LBD for fifteen dollars- the list goes on.  All of this in the name of smart bidding.  

This morning called for an Ebay fix and fast.  Bottom line, I was trying to unsuccessfully download some Microsoft Word documents that were emailed to me because my old-school Dell laptop did not come with the Microsoft suite- what's up with that sh*t?  I kicked it over to Ebay, typed in Microsoft Office, and was hit with a bevy of Microsoft Office deals .  Luckily, there was a Buy It Now option with free shipping.  The cost??  $9.95 with free shipping.  Whaaaa????  I had to take the deal; these Microsoft Office Suites go for $150-$200 bucks.  I am super pumped.  At first I was a little skeptical of the super low price, but the seller has a badge entitled "Top Rated Seller" on their profile so I'm not too worried. 

Yay for Ebay!