Monday, August 19, 2013

Total Letdown

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't blogged about True Blood all summer. That's weird, especially since I am a confessed "Truebie." My only reasoning is the fact that I'm building a human, and well, when all of that is going on you don't think about much else. 

*Warning: This post is all about True Blood and if you haven't watched TB this season and are planning to, this post contains major spoilers.

So this season has pretty much been a major disappointment. The first episode showed a lot of promise: a lot of Eric staring at Sookie with big, sad "I love you" eyes; Eric telling Nora to stay away from Sookie, Sookie attempting to kill Bill to save Eric, etc. After that first ep it all went to..."Vamp Camp." For real?? This is what I've been anticipating since mid-September 2012?? (Disclaimer: the only characters I care about on this show are Sookie and Eric (preferably in scenes together), LaFayette, and Andy Bellefleur). And there wasn't nearly enough of these story lines! What was the point of "vamp camp?" When did Sarah Newlin become a full-fledged psycho? What was the point of Terry dying? Jason becoming a "vamp-whore" (his words)? Did anyone even watch the Sam and Alcide scenes because I totally fast-forwarded through those? In my opinion, there's never enough of Andy B. I literally LOL'd in his scenes. Adore him and love him as a dad. 

I just feel like the writers said eff' it as far as this season went. I don't know if they got pay decreases since Alan Ball left the show, or they just didn't care since there weren't nearly as many episodes as last year (am I right?). 

One thing's for sure: if our beloved Eric was completely toasted to death in last night's finale I am DONE. They betta' know! Honestly, I think Pam got to him in time and saved the day. Guess we'll find out next year...

ASkars 4 EVA.