Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing catch-up!

Happy Friday, loves! Thank God. As much as I love this weather, I do have a slight case of cabin fever. I was hoping to take Aaron to see Planes yesterday, but since the kids are "technically" back in school, they only show matinees on the weekends. I say "technically" loosely, because my kid is not back in school....and I'm about to go cray. Aaron's preschool doesn't start back until September 3rd; two weeks from next Tuesday. In other words, SO late. Most schools have either started back by now, started back this week, or are starting next week. I don't know why his school is starting back so late. Okay, so I know I'm complaining; I should treasure every moment spent together, blah blah blah....over it. I blame this partially on preg hormones, and mostly on the fact that he's been out of school since mid-May and it's time to head back; for both of our sanities. There's only so many Lego towers we can build, books we can read, cars and trucks we can crash, bike rides we can take (in normal August heat), etc. before we are legitimately sick of each other. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I love my son more than life, but there's a reason preschool was invented. End of rant.

In other news I'm 33 weeks pregs, and have 7 more weeks to go. (Hoping our little princess makes her arrival in 6 weeks, although I want her to stay in her cocoon as long as she needs to.) I'm big as a house, battling heartburn, and experiencing major mood swings (obviously). 

Last weekend was busy but fun! Natalie, Amy, and I hosted a baby shower/brunch at our house for our good friend, Jessica, who's expecting baby girl, Emory, in October. We're actually due the same day! It was so nice spending time together and catching up; nothing touches those moments. Here we are and please don't pay attention to me as I look hein- just focus on the other three beauties:

The next day was my first baby "sprinkle" for Harper Elizabeth. My good friends Natalie, Jessica, Katie, Ashley, and Kim hosted and it was so wonderful! Everything was exceptional: the decorations, the food, but most of all my hostesses and guests. When I think of that day the only word that comes to mind is "undeserving." I know that's weird to say, but I literally cried all afternoon Sunday (happy tears!) because of the outpouring of love shown to me and Harper. There are already so many people that love this baby girl and I feel so incredibly blessed. Here are some pics of the sweet day:

*I would caption the photos but I am blogging from my phone app as we still don't have Internet service. Should be back to normal next week- fingers crossed!

Anyway, as I said above, it's been hard to blog with not having proper Internet service, but I plan to resume my *mostly* daily posts once Internet service resumes. Grrrrr.....I plan on writing a scathing email to the corporate office of AT&T. Ridonk!!!!

Have a happy weekend, y'all!