Monday, August 5, 2013


Burnt-out (adj.): An over-worked, over-stressed person who is literally burning the candles at both ends. A term not to be confused with burnout (i.e. a person who smokes pot all day that attends "Panic" concerts AND is over the age of 22.) Don't get the two mixed up.

Burnt-out is the proper term used to describe my state of mind right now. (Sorry, Mom. I know you hate when I complain.) Yes, I know I have no reason to complain: I have a great husband, a sweet and healthy 3 year old, and a healthy baby girl on the way. I have great family and friends. I have a roof over my head, a car that works (and is paid for), food in my refrigerator, and water. Most importantly, I have God. Oh and there's another thing that I'm blessed to be able to do and that's to stay at home with my children. But why is it on days like this that I don't feel so blessed and lucky to be granted this privilege? There are so many moms out there that have to work full-time jobs away from home that would gladly sell their well-earned Dooney & Bourke bag(s) (among other things) for this chance. I need to just shut-up and be grateful, right? I agree and most of the time I do, but not today. Today, a day of endless potty training mishaps, Internet woes (have I mentioned how much I hate AT&T?!?), a broken ice maker, a mail lady that continues to ring my bell and/or knock on my door WHILE my child is napping AFTER I've posted a note on the door kindly asking for this NOT to happen, therefore waking my child early from his nap....the list goes on. And, have I also mentioned my husband works A LOT? Yeah, you could definitely say I'm burnt-out. Does mama need a vacay or an outside job? Or both? Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels this way. Except it's a double-edged sword; I could go back to work full-time thereby getting my hubby home more but losing the time with my kids; or, I stay home, trying not to go crazy. What is the answer? I've prayed, but maybe I need to pray harder. Too bad this prego doesn't even have a bottle of O'Doul's in the fridge to knock the edge off. Instead I'm looking at a big plastic container of Tums right now (heartburn- you can suck it). 

Can you say pity party??

Alright, I vented and I feel better. Sorry to be such a Negative Nancy (Nancy-girl-hahahah. Keepin' it real for GHS, y'all). 

Remembering that these days are fleeting, and *trying* to enjoy every moment, even the yucky ones.

Sorry about the rant, friends.