Friday, August 30, 2013

*Patiently* Waiting

I am exhausted today.  I tried to nap some while Aaron was napping, but I think I might have dozed for maybe 30 minutes.  Sleep is so essential right now, and I just can't get rested.  I'm sure it's part excitement/anxiety/discomfort from carrying this baby girl, etc.  Either way, things are getting down to the wire.  I can't believe I only have 4-5 weeks left.  Eeeekk!!!  I keep on looking at her chunky face from her 3D picture and falling more and more in love with her.  I wonder if she'll come out with tons of long, black hair like her big brother; heck, she might come out blonde, red, or even bald (although the ultrasound tech showed me her hair).  Bless it.  Her room is coming together, and I've decided I will only post a pic once everything is officially ready.  Adam painted my old dresser a pretty, matte pink and we are getting new hardware to replace the old, rusty knobs already on there.  I bid on a Pottery Barn Kids chandelier on Ebay and won (yes!) so we still need to get that installed.  We still have some wall pieces that have yet to be hung, I want a pretty rug for her floor, I want a skinny book shelf stand next to her closet, and we still need to get her car seat/base installed in the car.  I absolutely love her room.  It's so girly and pink, and as soon as you walk in it immediately feels like her.  We've been so lucky that basically everything we needed for her, we got at showers through gifts or gift cards.  The only thing left that we need is a swing.  I don't know why I never thought about a swing until now!  Adam and I are such last-minute people (which is totally not a good thing) so I'm sure we'll be collecting these items, and finishing all these "to-dos" up until it's go time.  I ordered some pretty pj's and a bathrobe to wear in the hospital so I'm more comfortable, and I can promise y'all that I will have my makeup bag, dry shampoo, and my curling iron on hand and ready.  Call me prissy, crazy, whatever, but I want to look halfway decent in those hospital pictures!  Priorities, people. ;)

Aaron (finally) starts back school next week.  Last night was his orientation, and today he met his two sweet teachers at Open House.  I hope he has a great year.  I can't believe my monkey is growing up so fast!  It's so sad how fast time flies by.  We popped over to his old teacher's classroom to say hello and she couldn't believe how big he is.  Last time he was in her class he was only 1; toddling into her class- just a baby.  Tear.  It makes me cry.  I would post a pic, but that would send me into a full-on melt-down. He's such a little man now, and I'm so proud of him.  My sweet, big boy. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends!  I'll try to update at some point.  Tomorrow starts UGA football, and my hubby is acting like it's Christmas Eve tonight.  Ha!  Can't believe it's already that time!