Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple Things

Aaron and I went to my friend, Michelle's, house for a play date and lunch today.  She has two awesome kids, and although they're older than Aaron, they always take the time to play so sweetly with him.  Aaron, of course, is dying to be a big boy, so playing with the older kids is so exciting to him.  Michelle is a super mom; she's actually one of the best moms I've ever known.  It's evident in how sweet and well-mannered her children are.  I can only hope Aaron and Harper are as lovely as Ryan and Anna are!  Every time we hang out, I'm constantly taking mental notes on everything she does.  And the thing is, Michelle doesn't even realize how amazing she is.  That's what blows my mind.  I can only hope that I'm half of what she is!  Today I asked her, "What do I do to make sure Aaron is as great of a kid as Ryan and Anna are?"  Her response, "All you can do is your best.  They will be who they're going to be."  Just as simple as that.  We, as parents, put a lot of pressure on ourselves trying to raise the perfect child.  How many times do I have to remind myself that no child is perfect?  As a matter of fact, no one is perfect!  Simply, all you do is your best.  With the constant exposure to parenting blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. you feel the need to make your life like a fairy tale where every day is perfect/magical/amazing.  That's just not true.  That's not the real world.  You love your kids,  love your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend,  love your family, and go to bed at night knowing you did your best.  Wish somebody had given me this advice years ago!  Thanks again for a great morning, Michelle.  You're the best, my friend. ;)

I totally started this blog entry 6 hours ago while Aaron was napping, and saved it so I could finish it later.  Only thing is, I've lost my train of thought due to pregnancy brain.  We ended up hitting up a friend's pool for the afternoon, and didn't get home until dinner time.  I'm so excited because I have a prenatal massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  (Thank you Nat, Jess, & Amy for the birthday present!)   I can only count on one hand the number of massages I've had (sad, isn't it), but out of the 4 massages that I've had in my entire life, the prenatal massage I had when I was pregnant with Aaron was by far the best.  So.Pumped.  I might just slide right off that table when my hour is over. 

I'll leave you with this new Dior ad featuring Rpatz.  Is it just me, or is he so much hotter since he and KStew finally called it quits?  Love him.