Friday, July 12, 2013

Let the poking & prodding begin!

Today marks my 28th week of pregnancy- whoop!  I celebrated this special occasion by taking my glucose test for gestational diabetes (yuck), getting a shot in my rear (even yuckier), and getting my blood drawn (the yuckiest).  I'm Rh-negative; therefore, I have to get injected in both third trimester and after baby girl's born.  Fun times.  Anyway, I find out Monday the results of my glucose test, and I plan to eat ice cream every day until then in case the results come back positive.  You do what you gotta do!

I realized today that this was just the beginning of the poking and prodding.  It's getting real now.  I go back in three weeks and from that point on I'll be 9 weeks away from delivery.  That's crazy!  My appointment went well today; baby girl's heart beat sounds good and strong, and my vital signs are good.  I've gained 23 pounds total, and when I asked my Doc (whom I adore) if that was good,  he basically told me that I need to cut back on the sweets and fast-food.  Um, for real??  He said that he only wants me to gain 3-4 pounds between visits, and I've gained 6 since my last visit.  I'm not gonna lie, it hurt my feelings.  Yeah, I know he's right because he's the expert and all, but it's not like I'm hitting up Chick-fil-A every day (just around 2x/week).  I mean, I have eaten a Krispy Kreme every day in the past 2 weeks, and I'm not one that's going to turn down dessert or anything.  AND, I did just get back from Destin where's it's practically required that I eat fried shrimp, crab cakes, hush-puppies, and slaw every day, but other than that I'm not being too awful, right?? Who am I kidding, I totally have gestational diabetes.  Let my last weekend of freedom begin!

Since I was feeling guilty from all my "sweets and fast-food" intake, I hit up Subway and picked up a sandwich for lunch.  One of the sandwich makers asked what I was having and when I was due.  When I told her October 3rd, her response was "you ain't gonna make it."  Thank you, Ms. Subway Sandwich Maker.  After I marched my large, pregnant a$$ out of there, I remembered a similar comment that was said to me at this same point in my pregnancy with Aaron at, you guessed it, a Subway in Macon.  Be prepared friends: not only are those Subway Sandwich Makers preparing your turkey sub (with vinegar and oil I might add), but also imparting gems of wisdom for you to mull over forever.  This is what I say to them:


With all of that being said, I'm off to nap.  Happy Friday, friends!