Friday, July 19, 2013

Gotta get down for Friday!

Happy Friday!  I logged on all geared up to write, and am now yawning and aching to lay down.  Hello, pregnancy!

 Today has been productive thus far so I don't feel too bad for the laziness.  The key to productivity in my case is sleep.  Lack of sleep pre-pregnancy was not nearly as bad as it is now.  Wednesday night I tossed and turned.  I might have gotten 3 hours of rest.  I ended up turning on the TV at 4:30 AM, and watching Pleasantville on HBO until I got sleepy again.....which wasn't until an hour later.  By the time I finally fell into some good sleep, it was 7 AM and Aaron was up and crawling into the bed with me.  Nothing like your 3 year old alarm clock!  "Mommy, let's get up.  What's for breakfast?  I want a pop tart.  Can I watch Umi Zoomi?"  All of these questions (and more) were asked within 5 minutes of each other at 7:15.  Too bad I'm grossed-out by a cup of hot coffee at the moment.  And the thing is, yesterday didn't start out so bad; a friend of mine came over and brought her adorable son over for a play date with Aaron, and they had a great time.  It was after they left that my mood went south, and I became evil.  Aaron, demanding chicken nuggets, a hot dog, and mac and cheese for lunch (before anybody judges us, we do, in fact eat our fruits and veggies, I promise), Sophie puking on our newly "Stanley-Steemed" couch, and the fact that my heartburn was seriously still off the chain after I had already popped four Tum's.  Once I finally got everybody fed, dog puke cleaned, and heartburn under control, I put Aaron down for a nap.  Lo and behold, it's quiet and DING DONG- the freakin' doorbell rings.  Are you serious?  UPS.  And Sophie goes crazy.  Luckily, Aaron wasn't too fazed by this because he was sound asleep.  Y'all, I swear it wasn't even 30 minutes later that the doorbell rang again and it was FedEX (we're obviously doing a lot of online shopping right now).  I think steam came out of my ears at this point.  I finally scribbled a note on the back of an old envelope that said "Please do not ring the doorbell or knock on the door.  Child asleep." and taped it to the front door.  As bitchy as that is, I really don't care.  Nap time is sacred.  And essential for my sanity.  Luckily, my prenatal massage was yesterday, and it could not have come at a better time.  After an hour of peace and pampering, I slithered off of that massage table with a new attitude. 

I really do feel bad for being a raging lunatic at times.  I think (or at least I'm hoping) it's all these hormones plus baby girl's extra hormones making me crazy.  Pregnancy was much easier the first time around.  The only person I had to look after was myself, and I could sleep/eat/lay down as much as I wanted to.  I truly enjoyed being pregnant.  This go-round has been different.  BUT with all of that being said.....I'm finally in the home stretch and I'm going to enjoy these last couple of months being a family of 3 before we expand.  Before I know it, I'll be up to my ears in dirty diapers, bottles, and spit-up.  So sexy!!

My mom, sister, and I are heading to Senoia tomorrow to shop and eat.  I'm pumped.  I would not be lying if I said that I am fully prepared to stalk any Walking Dead cast member- especially Norman Reedus.

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