Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey girl, hey!

It's been a few days since I last blogged and although I wish I could say we've been doing lots of exciting things, the truth is we've been very low- key.  I'm completely fine with that, though.  Being this big and this far along in pregnancy your energy is pretty much zapped all the time.  Not to say there weren't some exciting things that happened over the weekend.......

My brother and sister-in-law had their twin baby boys Friday.  Adam and I are in love.  They are the cutest little snuggle-muffins!  My sister-in-law and I had the same due date, but of course she had to deliver a couple of weeks earlier since she had two instead of one in her belly.  Here's a pic of the munchkins:

Kain & Gunner

Saturday evening we spent time with my in-laws who were in town for the twins birth.  They live in North Carolina and bless their hearts, they'll be back in just a couple of weeks for Harper's birth.  Adam and I are so lucky to have such a great support system!

Yesterday, my sister came down for the day to hang out with me, Aaron, and my mom.  Our last "girls" day (sorry Aaron Mo) before our fourth girl joins us!  We went to lunch, ate way too much food, then came back to my house and watched The Place Beyond the Pines (the Ryan G/Bradley C movie).  As you all know, my obsession with Ryan Gosling knows no end. Ride.or.die.  With that being said, he did freak me out, just a tad, in this movie.  This movie is really good, btw.  It's definitely worth the Red Box rental if you're in the mood for a dark drama.  It is long and hard to watch at times.  Basically, it's a movie about fathers and sons, the choices they make, and how they affect these relationships.  As we all know, Bradly C is a hottie with a body himself, and looks pretty much adorable in this movie.  RyGy, on the other hand, looks like this:

 Do I still heart him?  Absolutely.  If he approached me looking like this in real life and said "Hey girl.  I know I have a blood tattoo on my face and all, but will you still love me forever and save me from this thug life?"  I would say without a doubt, yes, yes, YES!  Then, I would whip out my worn-down, scratched-up DVD of Crazy, Stupid, Love that I have psychotically watched nonstop, and show him how amazing he looks in Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent.  Then, I would make him do his "big Dirty Dancing move" on me, where he would probably fall over and break his back.  Ahhh.....the romance!!!

And one more because I just can't help myself:

Oh.My.Gawd. via

Ohhhh, Harper.  Your mama has so much to share with you!!