Saturday, December 31, 2011


I didn't think I was going to post today since I wished you guys a happy new year yesterday.  But, I decided against that.  There was one thing I didn't include in yesterdays post that needs to be said before the year ends.

Through my darkest moments at the end of this year, one thing has remained steady.  That's the love of my husband.  He's been strong when I've been weak.  He's held my hand and cried with me.  He's even literally held me when I felt that I couldn't carry myself.  He's made me crack up laughing when I felt that I was going to fall apart, and he's shown so much patience for me when I was either crying my eyes out or directing all of my anger and hurt at him, when it had nothing to do with him.  Yes, he is strong enough to be my man and I am so blessed for him every day!

I didn't know why, but this song hit a nerve the first time I heard it in October.  I so didn't realize that it would ultimately put a smile on my face each time I heard it, even through the crappiest of times.  I even added it to my sister and her husbands wedding video for God sakes!  For awhile, it seemed like every time I got in the car this song was playing on the radio, and it definitely felt like this was my jam. ;)  So, when Coldplay covered a version of this song I of course, fell in love with it immediately.

I have realized this song can be applied to my relationship with my sweet husband.  I guess it's because "we found love in a hopeless place."

Here's to 2012, friends. :)  Cheers!