Thursday, November 19, 2009

The busy bee gets the honey, right??

The honey being my hubby, of course. I miss my husband and am ready for him to come home! Can Tuesday not get here any faster??

Speaking of busy bees, I have been up to my ears in work, appointments, and everything else under the sun all week! I actually have eaten lunch at my desk every day since Monday, because I have had to use my lunch hour for other things besides eating. Let’s see: I opened a savings account for Adam and I (been on the must-do list for almost a year now), and worked until 11:30 Tuesday night meeting with prospective students (too late for a pregnant lady for sho), went to see a dermatologist about a cyst on my underarm Wednesday, which I’m getting removed tomorrow……eeeekkkkk! And finally, today, my lunch hour will consist of a much-needed hair appointment at a salon in Macon which my bestie, Natalie, highly recommended. The name is William Alexander Salon and I am pumped. Nothing like a new hair-do to give me some spice, especially when my belly is starting to look like the late Willie B’s belly from the Atlanta Zoo:

RIP Willie B

To go back to the cyst removal tomorrow, I am nervous. Not nervous in that I am scared of the pain (the area will be numbed, and hello!!! I am going to have to deliver a child in 4 months- much harder than a simple incision); more nervous in that I want my baby boy to be okay. The doctor that is performing the incision has reassured me that baby boy will not be affected; he will only be numbing that area. He even had his nurse contact my OB Gyn to confirm that this procedure was okay, and he got the go-ahead from him. So why am I still scared?? I dunno. I promise to be a brave girl tomorrow.

NEW MOON tomorrow!!! Woop Woop!! Nothing like spending a couple of hours with Robby Patts to make this girl happy! I’m sure it’s going to be out of control.