Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The end of one chapter...

I officially tossed the Similac today.  For those of you that aren't familiar with Similac, it's baby formula.  The number "1" milestone was reached and out went the $20/week money pit.  Yep, this little jar of magic cost us upwards of around $18 bucks a week.  Unbelievable.  He if now officially on whole cow's milk, and mom and dad can start saving money again.  Now, if we can just get him officially off of the bottle and onto the sippy cup we'll be in business......

After Aaron's 12 month check-up and a nap, we ventured out for a walk on yet another beautiful day.  I think we might need to make this a daily habit.  Despite all the pollen that gives me sneezing fits, and the fact that I went to Griffith's afterwords to get a slaw dog (shameful), I really felt good, healthy, strong, rejuvenated, refreshed, etc. after our afternoon stroll.  Maybe the Summer 2011 Bikini wish isn't so far-fetched.  Of course, that would not include a visit to the local fast-food restaurant for a slaw dog because I felt that I "deserved" a treat. (shameful)

Did anyone watch DWTS last night?  Let's just sum this all up with 6 words: What's up with Lacey Schwimmer's hair?  Is that supposed to be ombre for roots??  She's always been one of my faves (ever since she was on SYTYCD), and I love her cutie-patootie partner, but really, Lacey??  You've racked up all this dancing $$, and you can't go to the salon and get those roots fixed?  Girl, it is time for a "hairvention."

I'm out.  Nighty-night!