Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm ashamed to say.......I'm out of wine!

The other night I had a seriously creepy dream.  Adam and myself were in a desert somewhere and we were with a group of people.  We were looking at all of this exotic wildlife; elephants, camels, etc.  All of a sudden there was a huge "BOOM" and everything turned white.  About that time someone screamed, "it's an atomic bomb!" and sure enough there was a huge mushroom cloud looming over us.  All I could think to do was hug Adam as tightly as possible.  Then, it was over.  I woke up totally freaked out.  Later that morning, with the dream still haunting me after 2 cups of coffee, I decided to look up the meaning on the A-Z Dream Dictionary.  Basically the dictionary said that I was experiencing some "strong hostility and rage."  I told Adam and he said that wasn't true, but I got to thinking that maybe I am experiencing some hostility and rage.  Not that I don't love my life; I've been blessed with a beautiful son whom I absolutely adore, I have a great husband who loves me and puts up with a lot of sh*t at times, an awesome family, and great friends.  But, as with most people, things do piss me off, some more than others.  This is definitely one of those nights where things are pissing me off.  I'm out of wine (what am I thinking??), and need to vent.  Here goes:
  • Facebook is seriously wearing me out.  Some of the people on there annoy the hell out of me.  Some days I really want to deactivate my account.  Too bad I won't.
  • I'm so sick of selfish people.  Why do I feel that I am constantly the one that's there for everyone else, and feel like there's only a handful of people that are there for me?  Over it!  
  • Also, if I call you, write you an email, send you a text, or etc. to show you that I care and am thinking about you, I expect some sort of reply back.  Even if it's only a text to say thank you.  What happened to manners, people??  Even the days that I don't feel like responding to a phone call, email, text, facebook comment, etc., I always do because it's just rude not to.  
  • Also, if I am contacting you wanting to offer you my business (AKA $$), and you still can't call me back, that's just lazy.  Won't be calling you again!
  • And one last thing: Just because I'm somebody's mother does not automatically make me boring or not worthy of a good time.  You know who you are!
That's all.  Thanks for putting up with me tonight.  Off to enjoy a glass of OJ minus the Vodka because I'm out of that, too!