Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wish List

My 32nd birthday is exactly 13 days away and I'm in total countdown mode.  Normally, I'm not one of those that really anticipates my birthday too much.  Of course I love "my special day" and getting tons of love from family and friends, and I think we can all agree that the annoyance of Facebook is completely worth it on your birthday when your wall gets bombarded with birthday wishes, but other than those awesome things it's just that- a special day.  This year, I don't know if it's having two kids and looking forward to anything that might get me out of the house with a cocktail involved, I'm counting the days.  Along with that, I'm making a wish list.  I know, I know, am I five?  Whatevs.  When most of your days involve: changing diapers, nap-times, feedings, going on "bug hunts," discussing (at length) why "zombies are cooler than monsters," and wearing workout clothes (and not working out, might I add), you gotta have something.

 I really want a pair of diamonds (besides my wedding rings) to wear every day.  How spoiled does that sound??  Ever since I've had Harper, I've been all about simplifying.  Simplifying my wardrobe, accessories, my house....everything!  These princess-cut studs would be perfect for everyday- even when I'm wearing those oh-so-comfy workout pants.

Ashley and I have been discussing a day trip to Atlanta complete with great hair and good champagne.  I rarely blow-dry my hair anymore, and when I do it looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket- serious frizz.  I could totally dig a sleek but bouncy blowout, and trip to Lenox afterwards, all while enjoying a good Champizzle buzz. 

via DSW
I'm kinda in love with this gladiator wedge and I think they're the perfect heel height too; not too high or low.  I've been pinning summer outfits nonstop, and I keep on seeing sandals with the ankle strap and I'm obsessed- they're so dainty yet sexy.  To me this wedge is the perfect combo: the ankle strap that I heart so much, with the wedge that's more conducive for a mom that's hauling an 8 month old, a diaper bag, and chasing after a 4 year old.

Um...yes please!
A friend of mine sent this pin to me a few days ago, and per usual, OBSESSED.  Gotta have it!  Although I don't think my hubs will understand the significance of this pillow....oh well!

Do you have a summer birthday?  What's on your wish list?