Monday, June 21, 2010

First Family Photo Shoot

This past Saturday was our first family photo shoot with Graceology Photography.  Graceology has been with us for awhile; they first took me and Adam's engagement and wedding photos back in 2007.  The owners, Heather, a dear friend of mine, and her hubby, Chris, never cease to amaze me with their awesome shots; whether posed or natural they always seem to bring out the best moments in time.  I have to be honest though, I was worried about how this photo shoot was going to go.  I knew the pictures were going to be beautiful, however; the Georgia heat was a little unbearable this weekend, and our photo shoot was taking place outside at Adam's parent's home with a 3 month old.  I can now say that the worrying was completely a waste of time!  Luckily, Aaron loves the camera (like his momma) and was the best little model!  Although we were constantly wiping sweat from our faces, and jumping in Heather and Chris' Explorer for a little AC between locations, we had the best time!  Here's a few of their wonderful shots:


Jumping in the pool at the end of the shoot in my dress; if you know me and know how prissy I am, you know that I had to be hot to do this! 

We are headed to St. Simons Saturday for family vacay.  I couldn't be more excited!  We did have reservations in Destin, but with the oil fast-approaching the beaches of Miramar and Destin (so, so sad), we changed reservations to St. Simons at the last minute.  Although there is nothing quite like being on the Gulf, we will happily take a place in St. Simons, and enjoy the pimped-out house (it has it's own private pool and hot tub- woo!) that my mom found.  I need some good book reads: any ideas?  I'm a HUGE Emily Giffin fan, and really want to read her new book, The Heart of the Matter.  Has anyone read it?  Is it any good?  Any recommendations would be fantastic!

Have a great Monday!