Sunday, August 9, 2009

Updates & Tidbits

Okay, so I really can't apologize anymore for the lack of blogging. The last couple of long disappearances I blamed on nausea, and rightfully so. The past week of inactivity is due, to well, laziness. Although the nausea is still hanging around, it's not dragging me down anymore- thank God! Now on to the updates.......

Went to the doc again last week for my second ultrasound. Friends, let me tell you: Sitting in your gyno's waiting room is not any less intimidating just because you go ALL THE TIME when you're preggers. You still have the same yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach, except this time you're growing a little person. Luckily, the hubster was able to get off work, and hold my hand as I anxiously awaited my second (uhhh.......vaginal) ultrasound. When we finally got called back and I was in proper position, my doc turned the lights off, and lo and behold, there was my little peanut just a chilling in my uterus. Oh my goodness- SO amazing. The doc told me to hold my breath and when I did, I saw a fast, little heartbeat. SO, SO amazing. Adam cried; I laughed. We now have baby Mosely on display on our fridge. Every time I walk past that picture I smile. I am already so madly in love with this baby. I go back September 3rd for my 12 week check-up. This ultrasound will not be of the vaginal kind (thank God) and I will get to hear the heartbeat. Yay! I am officially 8 weeks and feeling pretty good. Here's to no more nausea!!

In other news, this weekend has been great. Adam and I did nothing but hang out and it was perfect. Yesterday, my mom, sis, and her boyfriend were in town doing some car-shopping, and my mom decided to pop by and spend the afternoon with me. We sat there and caught up for a couple of hours. After that I headed over to Kohl's to see what was left over after their big sale that I totally missed out on. Since everything seems to be a little too tight these days, I am bound and determined to wear dresses until I make the Bella Band purchase. So, I purchased two dresses (for work and play), a cute sweater for fall, a new pair of sunglasses, and a new bra (the girls have, ahem, gotten a bit larger over the past few weeks). I decided to head over to maternity for a little looksie' and was a bit disappointed. The maternity section wasn't but just a few racks in the corner of the store, and the clothes were well, so-so. Yeah, I know I'm having a spring baby and most of the prego clothes I will be sporting aren't even on display yet, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. After sifting through some semi-cute preg shorts and tops I was done. It probably didn't help that I had to listen to another pregnant girl complain to her mom that "I am just so tiny, with this huge bump, and I just has this gut, but really, I'm such a tiny person" I was literally about to vomit. The girl was eyeing me up and down the whole time I was over there, too. I was thinking "Yep, biatch- I'm pregnant too, and guess what?? I'm not complaining!" Oh well. I guess if I had that huge of a "gut" I'd be pissed too. My advice: pregnancy is a wonderful and amazing thing- suck it up....gut and all. Hehe.

Off to make a PB&J and wait for Madea's Family Reunion to come on TBS. Love that Madea. And a PB&J. Exciting night- whoop whoop!